Al-Quds Commıttee

Al-Quds Committee

Agenda Item: Taking Necessary Steps to End The Aggression And Occupation in Palestine

The Committee was established according to resolution 1/6-P adopted by the 6th Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers, held in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia from 12-15 July 1975.

Al-Quds committee aims to achieve objectives such as; monitoring the implementation of resolutions adopted by the OIC and by other international organizations that support or are in line with the OIC position. Furthermore, the committee also seeks to implement all the resolutions on the Arab-Israeli conflict because of the fundamental connection between the Al-Quds question and the conflict. Along with the objectives mentioned above, the Al-Quds committee serves as the main organ of OIC to achieve the liberation and self-determination of the Palestinian People.

Note: Official language of this committee is Arabic.