Islamic Cooperation Youth Form

ICYF (Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum) is an international, non-profit, non-partisan organization that brings together the OIC’s leading umbrella youth organizations, as well as international youth organizations operating in the OIC region and youth organizations representing significant Muslim minorities all around the globe.

ICYF Vision

ICYF envisions empowered youth across the OIC region actualizing their full potential for the sustainable development of their communities, nations, and the world, driven by the Islamic values of cooperation, excellence, and unity.

ICYF Mission

ICYF builds the capacity of OIC youth through strategies, policy frameworks, programs, and projects furthering civic engagement, holistic education, capacity-building, and best practices addressing the critical problems of unemployment, health and wellness, limited opportunities, extremism, and social exclusion while building their capabilities of intellectual and leadership development, scientific and technological innovation, entrepreneurship, media and communication informed by a shared Islamic heritage, culture, and universal values.

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