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3rd International Model OIC HS Summit


06-09 May, 2022

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Organisation of Islamic Cooperation

With 56 member states spread across four continents, the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) is the second-largest intergovernmental organization after the United Nations. The Organisation is the Muslim world's collective voice. In the spirit of promoting international peace and harmony among all people, it strives to promote and protect the interests of the Muslim world.

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Model OIC

Model OIC is a realistic simulation of the Islamic Summit, Council of Foreign Ministers, or any other multilateral body that immerses students in diplomacy and negotiation. Model OIC is an academic simulation of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) that aims to teach participants about current developments in international relations theory and practice, effective communication, multilateral diplomacy, and other topics. In this simulation, participants take on the role of a member state representative and strive to discuss, negotiate, reflect, and find solutions to the issues that OIC is facing.

MOIC High School in Numbers

25Sessıons / الجلسات
20Academıc Panels / الندوات الأكاديمية
400Delegates / المندوبون
56Countrıes / الدول