Application Criteria

To become a participant of our summit the applicant must meet the following requirements:

– Being able to speak Arabic (Fusha) or English fluently.

– Being a high school student while being born between the years 2004-2009.

– All applications must be submitted in name of a school or an institution. The individual applications will be rejected.

– The delegations must consist of the same gender people. For example, if an advisor is female the delegates must be female as well.

– The applications must consist of one advisor and two delegates only.

Payment Details

Payments are required for international participants.

For international participants:
The payments will cover your flight tickets, accommodation, meals, program materials, and social events. The payment required for each participant is 250 Euro including advisors. Our team will collect the payments on your arrival in Istanbul.

Official Language

Official languages of the summit are English and Arabic.


Once you receive an approval letter, our PR Team will guide you regarding your travel to Istanbul. For international participants, your payments cover your flight ticket to Istanbul. Please note that; local transportation in your country is not covered. We will send you an invitation letter for the visa if desired. However, we will not cover your visa expenses. Any additional expenses that may occur while you travel to Türkiye are not covered. Travel costs of participants living in Türkiye are not covered.


All of our participants will be accommodated at the Grand Cevahir Hotel&Convention Center, where the summit will take place.


Delegates and advisors must be aware of that they are participating in a Model OIC summit, thus they should prefer clothes that are suitable with both Islamic and diplomatic etiquette.

For further information about the dress code please carefully read our Code of Conduct.

Preparation Process

Once you receive your approval letter, you may begin getting prepared for the summit. Our academic team will train you with a 5 week long online course. Furthermore, the delegates will benefit from the study guides throughout the preparation process. 

If you have further questions please do not hesitate to ask us.



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