Beyoğlu Education and Culture Foundation

The word  waqf (foundation) refers to a charitable institution, which is established by a legal process that can be summarized as “the permanent purchase or donation of a property by the owner of a property to a religious, social and charitable cause” and forms one of the important elements of Islamic civilization.

Foundations have successfully provided wide variety of important services in the Islamic and Turkish civilisations. Foundations also ensured the establishment of a balance in society by ensuring the flow of wealth from the rich to the poorer groups in society.

Beyoğlu Education and Culture Foundation was formed in the last days of 1994 with the assembly of 80 philanthropists with the awareness of this waqf culture.

The aim of Beyoğlu Education and Culture Foundation is to assist education, culture, health, scientific research and other beneficial activities for society. Moreover, its major purpose is to manage all kinds of legal activities for the good of society and build health facilities and institutions, including mosques, cultural centers and etc. Furthermore, the foundation intends to spread foreign language education based institutions and widen its area of service with kindergardens, primary schools, colleges, science high schools and technical and vocational high schools alongside with establishing and operating universities if achieving the required capability.  

In line with these purposes, the construction of a school within the borders of Beyoğlu district was initiated, and following the completion of the construction, it was put into the service of our Ministry of National Education as the branch of Istanbul Imam-Hatip High School in the 2006-2007 academic year. It has been serving as Beyoğlu Anatolian Imam-Hatip High School since 2007-2008 academic year.

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