Our Club

Beyoğlu Anatolian Imam Hatip High School Model OIC Club was established at the beginning of the 2017-2018 academic year in line with the protocol signed between the Islamic Cooperation Youth Form (ICYF) and Beyoğlu Education and Culture Foundation (BECF) to jointly organize a Model OIC High School summit. Since its establishment, our club organized one Model OIC training camp, two International Model OIC HS summits, and one Online Model OIC HS summit.

Our club organized the programs mentioned above with the aims of;
improving language and leadership skills of the participants, raising awareness of the pressing issues of the Muslim World and the role of OIC in facing these challenges, and promoting cultural integration between future leaders of Ummah. Moreover, our club aims to enable youth to gain the competencies they can use throughout their lives, such as researching, finding solutions to problems, reaching consensus on controversial matters, and acting together even when they need to make concessions.

Our current Executive Board is as follows :
President- Emir Berat DEMIR
Vice President- Mustafa Eren KÖSE
Members: Yusuf Bilal KARASAKAL, Mehmed Fuad KURT, Emir Maruf ŞATIR,
Abdülkerim AYGEN, Muhammed Tarık KARABULUT